Coonoor Green Cover Slopes
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We are the largest and most experienced real estate developers in Coonoor

about us

A real estate practice with deep roots in Coonoor
Coonoor Estates grew out of a family-owned tea business dating back to the mid-20th Century. Over two decades ago Coonoor Estates started developing residential communities in and around Coonoor. It has grown organically ever since with over a hundred successful transactions till date. Each community is carefully laid out with high-quality infrastructure and a view to ensuring long-term sustainability. We also build a small number of houses each year and unlike most other developers, each house is unique. We engage with architects who share our values and are keen to push boundaries while ensuring that their designs, material choices and construction practices are ecologically sensitive and rooted in the local context.
Environmentally and socially responsible development
Coonoor Estates is committed to preserving the local ecosystem. We invest heavily in green building practices, water security and waste management. We also work closely with our clients on all aspects of development from landscape design to construction in order to minimise our collective footprint.
Slope & soil conservation

In the words of one of our architects, 'form follows contour'. All of our infrastructure developments and homes follow the natural slopes of the land as far as possible to minimise cutting and shifting of soil and the associated environmental degradation and safety hazards.

Water security

Our focus on water security is about more than investing in large-scale rainwater harvesting and recharge pits. We are committed to efficient water management across the board including working exclusively with native plants that do not deplete the water table, ensuring our contracts set limits on water usage within our developments, and so on.

Sensitive infrastructure development

Our infrastructure is developed with a view to minimising our footprint. This is evident right from our choice of materials to our building practices; from our focus on locally sourced materials to our attempts to minimise light pollution.

preservation of local flora & fauna

We work closely with experts who have a deep understanding of the indigenous flora and fauna and also ensure that our clients have access to the resources required to plan and execute sensitive landscaping.